Welcome to our Scout section pages.

This page is to help you find out about Scouts, So lets start with who Scouts are and what we do?

Scouts are Aged between 10½ and 14 and are for boys and girls (like all sections), Scouts are all about

Scouts go camping and do loads of Adventurous stuff like Climbing, Archery, Shooting as well as survival things. Scouts drive the programme they take responsibility to lead (with the support of the leaders) and can do some amazing things.

And our Scouts?

Well they are always doing something from badges and awards to the adventurous activities, they can spend a lot of time on camps or choose to just go to the weekly meetings. Scouts is about choice and they are encouraged to work together and plan things.  

not the right age for Scouts?

That’s not a problem older than 14 there's always the District Explorers or if you're not 10 ½ yet try looking at either the cubs or Beavers.

(if you’re an adult why not look at our volunteer section)

What next?

 Well all we need is an email with some contact info and a bit about You. and a leader will get back to you as soon as they can.