Welcome to our Beaver section pages.

This page is to help you find out about Beavers, So lets start with who Beavers are and what we do?

Beavers are Boys and Girls aged between 6 and 8 and is all about having FUN. Beavers play loads of games and do lots of crafts, but not just that they do adventurous stuff to like visiting camps or even camping over night!  

And our Beavers?

Well we do loads of stuff playing games going on visits and even Archery some times!! Our beavers are all about learning while having fun

not the right age for beavers!

That’s not a problem the sooner names are on the waiting list the better (we get full quickly) older than 8 there's always cubs or scouts or even the district Explorer’s if your over 14.

(if your an adult why not look at our volunteer section you will be amazed)

What next?

 Well that's the easy bit all we need is an email with some contact info and a bit about prospective beavers. (But get in early on our waiting list because we are very popular) and a leader will get back to you as soon as they can.